Science first, scientists later

How and why we should get rid of author lists in scientific publications

i. the problem

A very slightly exaggerated version of how scientists read author lists.
Author lists in an academic CV
Perceptions of importance. ©Devang Mehta 2017

ii. a solution

Film Credit Model by Steven Burgess

Gift authorships and that whole debate will end!

Academic CV’s will change.

My CV with no author lists and with CRediT contributions.

Reference lists will change.

Out with the old…
… in with the new.

Citations in academic papers will use numbered lists and hyperlinks instead of “author-date”.

Science will go on, but authorship will stop mattering so much.

iii. how do we get there

STEP 1: Talk to DORA

STEP 2: Pilot the model with a major publisher/major labs



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